Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils that are extracted from plants and contain a massive concentration of the oil. These oils stimulate subconscious reactions in the body that bring about feelings of alertness, happiness, calm, relaxation, or sleep. Subconscious reactions occur when the essential oil molecules are absorbed in the bloodstream via the lungs (inhaled) or skin (soaking & massage). The benefits of essential oils can be seen most frequently in helping mitigate emotional fluctuation. Finding balance to an emotional state has the power to change the body's overall health and focus.

~ Benefits of Aromatherapy~

 Decrease Stress

 Antidepressant Capacity

Improves Memory Function

Aids Healing & Recovery

Boosts Energy Levels

And much more


Aromatherapy Options

Notify me at least 24 hours prior to your session with a selection of one or all of the following options & your oil package preference:

~ Diffuser ~

The essential oil combo of your choice will be used in a diffuser to fill the room allowing you to breathe in additional benefit during your massage.

~ Compress ~

Areas of the body are treated with a warm cloth infused with the essential oil combo of your choice and will be placed to bring benefits directly to a key area of treatment.

~ Face & Foot Treatment ~

For 30 mins in your session we will focus on the face and feet with an essential oil combo of your choice to stimulate the whole body through pressure points as well as localized treatment.


Oil Package Options

Select one of the following categories to have as the base foundation and we will explore the oils at the beginning of your session to create the combo that is just right for you:

~ Mood Lift~

Frankincense: Calms Mind, Rejuvenates Body, & Decreases Fatigue

Bergamot: Decrease Anxiety, Mental & Emotional Uplift, & Calm Stress

Rosemary: Re-energizes Body and Mind & Improves Mental Alertness

Basil: Improves Mental Alertness, Calms Headaches, & Decreases Fatigue

Patchouli: Decreases Anxiety, Mental & Emotional Uplift, Aids Meditation

Clary Sage: Reduces Arthritis, Mental & Emotional Uplift, & Calming


~ Relaxation ~

Lavender: Deep Relaxation, Soothes Pain, & Anti-Inflammatory

Fir: Sooths Pain, Reduces Fatigue, & Improves Body Function

Cedarwood: Soothes Pain, Calming, & Aids Respiratory System

Pine: Decrease Headache, Sooths Sciatica, & Reduces Stress

Lemongrass: Anti-Inflammatory, Aids Headache, & Circulatory Health


~ Muscle Comfort ~

Grapefruit: Lymph Stimulant, Decreases Pain, Stiffness, & Headaches

Eucalyptus: Soothes Muscles, Decreases Stiffness, & Comforts Joints

Peppermint: Decrease Stiffness, Anti-Inflammatory, & Comforts Joints

Oregano: Comforts Joints, Natural Analgesic, & Aids Respiratory Health

Clove: Natural Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory, & Soothes Nerve Pain

Thyme: Soothes Muscles, Increases Tissue Healing, & Muscle Relaxation